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No matter whether if you're looking for the little things that make for a cozy home or the basics for a picnic in the mountains, you'll find the necessities here. For your kitchen, the shop carries select coffees, teas, salsas, pastas and olives in addition to an extensive selection of cheeses, wines and breads. (Do not miss their homemade French bistro salad dressing.)

There are scrumptious imported chocolate bars as well as locally-made desserts. During the summer they can provide bouquets of fresh flowers for your table. 

They have fun books as well. Besides Kay Pfaltz's books, they also stock books by other local authors, including books about cooking and wine, and the popular Basic Necessities Soup Cookbook in which Sue Pfaltz (Kay's mother) shares her popular soup recipes.

Much of the charm of the shop and restaurant comes from the original artworks and photographs for sale. There are also wine glasses, crackers, clever nicknacks, unique greeting cards and... just come explore it all.