Menu Notes & Updates

  • Menu de Printemps ! (Spring Menu !)

    Amuse Bouche

    paired with

    Sparkling Wine


             Paupiettes de Flets  (Rolled Flounder)

    paired with

    Domaine des Moines,Savinnières-La Roches aux Moines, Sec, 2014


    Carré d’Agneau avec Pommes de Terre Boulangère et avec endives braises  (Rack of Lamb with slow-cooked potatoes and braised endives)

    paired with

    Domaine Tortochot Morey-St.-Denis, 2015


    Tarte au Polenta aux poires infuses et thym, à la crème Anglaise (Polenta tart with honeyed thyme  infused pears and crème Anglaise)

    paired with

    Domaine aux Monines, Savennières Doux, Cuvée de l’Abbesse, 2013


  • Monday Movie Night at Basic Necessities, First Monday of the Month

    Already, many of you have responded to this idea, either in person or by email. Thank you.

    If you do wish to attend, please call and reserve your spot, 434 361 1766. Thank you, again.

    You can click here for updates, the whens, wheres and whats.

    Where and when: First Monday of the month at Basic Necessities. Doors open at 6 p.m, giving you time to settle in, order a little food, and get to know your neighbors. Movie starts at 7 pm.

    What: Film - Tea With Mussolini. It's hard not to love this Franco Zeffirelli film with all star cast including a hilarious Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, Lily Tomlin and Cher.

    On offer will be wine by the glass or bottle, soft drinks, as well as cheese or charcuterie platters. We’ll even have a very limited Movie Night menu.

    Our idea is that Movie Night will evolve depending upon your tastes in film and food. For instance, if we’re watching an Italian film, we might serve spaghetti bowls. Right now we intend it to be fluid, adapting to your comments. We envisioned movie themes to revolve around food (Babette’s Feast comes to mind) or France, as well as classics such as Casablanca and Gone With The Wind). But if a group of you regularly attend, you can pick and decide the next film.

    On hand for the upcoming weeks (but not written in stone):

    Match Point
    Same Time, Next Year
    The African Queen
    Volver (subtitlted)
    The Painted Veil
    I’ve Loved You So Long (subtitled)
    The Last Metro (subtitled)
    The Hours
    The Secret In Their Eyes
    The Queen
    The End of the Affair
    Shall We Dance
    Thelma and Louise

    The group can vote on a film each week and majority rules. Bring your own film and share it with the group.

    The idea is that some of you might be watching films at home. Why not turn that into something more social that promotes further connection. We need that right now in our world.

    And so, onwards! And may the power of movies to bring magic into our lives grow ever more!

  • Les Salons, First Thursday of the Month

    We've had our first Salon, with the subject, What is Love?  and it was a success. Stimulating, interesting and thought-provoking.

    First Thursday of every month.

    Please arrive at 7pm if you want to join in. Call us at 434 361 1766 if you plan on coming so we can count you in.

    The idea: We gather, and someone will have tossed out a subject of reflection the week before for the group to ponder, and we discuss over wine, bread and cheese. Or something of the sort. If this group is anything like previous groups in Paris, as the wine flows, so too does the discussion become animated, morphing from said chosen (tame and cerebral) subject into more sensual topics. Open to all subjects; only gossip is banned.

    Like movie night, our Thursday Night Salons will evolve depending on you.

    Some subjects we could possibly discuss:

    • What does it mean to be good? What is goodness? Tuesday 31 Jan
    • What deters crime or, more particularly, bad action?
    • Is there such a thing as altruism?
    • What is pride?
    • What does it mean to do good?
    • What does it take to lead a happy life?
    • What is most important in life?

    We are open to your suggestions: philosophy, literature, politics (oooh, could get tricky in today’s climate), and so on. So email us your thoughts and come stimulate those brain cells.